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Apr 16, 2019

Hey! Please enjoy this episode!

There's lots of fast talking moments by me! It sounds like i've had lots of caffeine but I haven't in months! Isn't that exciting!!!\

Guest appearances by Dr. Kalan, Mom, Dad and Amanda! Hooray! 

Why do I feel like I drank a pot of coffee but I haven't had coffee in months?!



Apr 9, 2019

Jude is a talented stand-up and even teaches stand-up comedy at USC and Holly is a fabulous improviser and in the cast of "Live From Here" on NPR, and unlike my other "childfree by choice" guests, neither Jude nor Holly has ever ever ever felt the urge to have kids...not even when they were little ones themselves. 


Apr 2, 2019

Molly's finally gets to meet Bruce, Brian and Jean's 11 week old baby boy! They talk about the arduous journey that finally brough Bruce to them and Molly goes through some of her own journey.

Lots of new info in this ep. But all is well, dontcha worry. XOXO


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